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Speedy Wrench is your Citrus County local auto service provider. From oil changes to engine swaps, we maintain, service and repair all makes & models. Call us or drop in.
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A/C Service


At Speedy Wrench, your AC repair and AC service is handled by a professional technician with the right tools and education to do the job right.

Our technicians are trouble shooters that will find the cause and fix t he actual problem. Your car is in good hands with our auto technicians, examining your car’s A/C system to see if there is a leak, and fixing it before it can affect anything else.

When temperatures rise, there’s nothing more refreshing than climbing into a cool, air-conditioned automobile.  Over time, however, A/C fittings become loose and O-rings, hoses and seals wear out, and your refreshing blast of ice cold air, warms up.

Get the blast back with Speedy Wrench A/C repair service. Our expert auto technicians offer the best car AC service and AC repair at the best prices.

Speedy Wrench Promise
When you visit Speedy Wrench, your vehicle will be serviced right the first time — we guarantee it.

In Florida, your car's A/C is the difference between a comfortable drive and an uncomfortable ordeal.</p> <p>Speedy Wrench technicians will have you back on the road in air-conditioned comfort at a price that will keep you coming back for all of your car maintenance needs.

Your A/C is made up of a variety of components.  The problem could be anything, and we’re equipped to handle it.


  • The compressor is a belt-driven device that compresses refrigerant gas and transfers it into the condenser. The compressor is the core of your vehicle’s air conditioning system.


  • The condenser’s primary function is to cool the refrigerator. The condenser dissipates heat released by compressed gases and condenses them into high pressure liquids.

Receiver (Drier):

  • The receiver is a metal container that serves as a storage receptacle for the refrigerant; also known as a drier because it absorbs moisture from the refrigerant and filters out harmful debris and acids. You should change your drier every 3-4 years to ensure quality filtration and prevent any chemical damage.

Orifice Tube/Expansion Valve:

  • The orifice tube (also known as the expansion valve) is a controlling mechanism that regulates refrigerant flow throughout the system. It also converts high pressure liquid refrigerant (from the condenser) into low pressure liquid, so that it can enter the evaporator.


  • The evaporator removes heat from the inside of your vehicle. The evaporator allows the refrigerant to absorb heat, causing it to boil and change into a vapor. When this occurs, the vapor leaves the evaporator through the compressor, cooling your car and reducing humidity. The evaporator houses the most refrigerant in the heat transfer process and harmful acids can corrode it. This corrosion typically damages the evaporator beyond repair.