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Speedy Wrench is your Citrus County local auto service provider. From oil changes to engine swaps, we maintain, service and repair all makes & models. Call us or drop in.
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Oil Change


Pit Crew oil change, just $19.88

Includes up to 5 quarts of Quaker State® Advanced Durability™ conventional motor oil (5W-20, 5W-30 or 10W-30), a new oil filter, chassis lubrication (where applicable), battery performance check and tire pressure adjustment as needed. This service meets industry standards. See your vehicles owner’s manual for requirements.

Standard oil change, just $29.88

Includes up to 5 quarts of featured conventional oil plus all the Pit Crew services listed above.

High Mileage oil change, just $39.88

Includes up to 5 quarts of featured High Mileage or Semi-Synthetic oil plus all the Pit Crew services listed above. High-mileage oils are recommended for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles. Semi-synthetic oils that are GM Dexos-compliant are also included in this package.

Power & Performance oil change, just $49.88

Includes up to 5 quarts of featured Synthetic motor oil plus all the Pit Crew services listed above. Full-synthetic oils are the norm for most new vehicles these days.

Lube services (except Pit Crew) include:

Vacuum interior | Wash exterior windshield | Check and fill transmission fluid | Check and fill washer fluid | Check battery performance | Check and fill power steering fluid | Check air filter | check and fill differential fluid | check wiper blades | check and adjust tire pressure | check headlines | check signal, brake and taillights

Prices shown on services are national pricing. Please check with your local store for local pricing that may vary.

Prices shown are for featured oil. Additional charges may apply if oil other than featured is requested or more than 5 quarts are necessary.

Excessive heat causes the oil to breakdown, resulting in sludge & engine deposits. High temperatures cause oil to thin out, typically resulting in metal-on-metal grinding, or wear in your engine. Problem can develop quickly if you tow heavy loads or if you leave your car idling for extended periods of time. Higher grade oils will greatly benefit your vehicle in these situations.

How To Check Your Oil

Visually examining oil on your oil dipstick may help identify excessive oil thickening or water contamination.

  1. Park your car on a level surface. Parking on an incline will give you an inaccurate reading of your oil level when you pull the dipstick out.
  2. Wait until the engine is cold (oil expands when it is hot).
  3. Is the engine cold? No? Go back one step.
  4. Withdraw the dipstick, wipe it with a paper towel or rag, and reinsert it all the way, until it’s in place. Now, withdraw the dipstick again, hold it horizontally, and read the oil level on the dipstick (every dipstick has a safe oil level indicator).
  5. How does the oil look? Before you reinsert the dipstick, check the oil consistency. If your dipstick has a white, milky discoloration, this means excessive moisture has entered your motor oil. In this case, set up an oil change as soon as possible.
  6. Add oil as necessary by unscrewing the oil filler cap, which is about 3 inches in diameter and located on the very top of the engine and typically labeled ‘Engine Oil.’
  7. Recheck the oil level with your dipstick to make sure you’ve added enough oil.
  8. Screw on ‘Engine Oil’ cap and make sure it is secured tightly.
  9. Get an oil change. If your oil level is low, how long has it been since your last oil change? It may be time to schedule one.